Connecting Clients
with Sustainable Solutions

ONE Consultants (ONE) is an environmental services company committed to ecological, financial, and social responsibility.

We work with our clients to find innovative solutions that work for people and nature.

We offer expertise in areas such as Environmental Management Plan (EMP) implementation, biodiversity studies, and a range of sustainable tourism and ecology-related services.

We seek to ensure that solutions are culturally and environmentally appropriate.

Our Name

ONE Consultants is derived from Ole Nush Enterprises (ONE) which was inspired by the childhood name of our CEO. Almost every male in Tarpum Bay Eleuthera, is given a nickname that they carry through life. Ole Nush is derived from a name given to Eric by ‘Co’n Missy’ who lived two doors down. Growing up he had longish bushy hair and she referred to him as “Ole Bushy Head”. A childhood buddy mispronounced it, calling Eric “Ole Nushy”. This got shortened to “Ole Nush” and so it remains until this day. It was how he is known by people from Tarpum Bay. We chose this name because of our close and inseparable connection to this amazing settlement in South Eleuthera – Tarpum Bay – A Drinking Town with a Fishing Problem.